Maximus the English Mastiff!
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He'll be fine -- 4 staples to close the wounds on his face
though. We went to the dog park and he followed two
Labrador mixes down to the water with their owner.
They all ran in the water and played for a bit, then the tan
Lab started growling at his companion black Lab and
then started attacking Maximus. Max did not put up a
fight -- just tried to back away (if he did fight back that
would have been an awful blood bath as Maximus
weighed in at 130lbs today). We sprayed the attacker in
the eyes with water from Maximus' Sports Water Bottle.

We headed back to the car -- Max was limping a bit as
the dog also bit him in the leg! Well, we got him in the
car, I went back and talked to the lady who had the Labs
to make sure they had their shots and curse her out for
having an out of control dog. She claimed she has been
going to the dog park for years with no problem -- as her
dog was growling at yet another dog at this point.

We rushed Max to the vet -- he was bleeding from the
face. They shaved a portion of his muzzle and stapled the
wound closed -- 4 metal staples. He can have them out in
7-10 days.

A rough day for the puppy!

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Their web site will be ready soon, but Max is just holding down the fort for the moment.