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SecureNet Fax Mailbox

With SecureNet Fax Mailboxes, your office, business associates, and clients can always reach you by fax 24 hours a day no matter where you are or where you happen to be going - anywhere there's a fax machine. Faxes are received by IRIS (Information Retrieval Index System), Main Strike's advanced state-of-the-art telephone computer system. The received information is safeguarded until the SecureNet Fax Mailbox owner wants it. To retrieve the stored faxes, simply call a toll free number from any touch-tone phone, enter your PIN number and the fax number you want the faxes delivered to. You can even specify what time of day or night you'd like to receive them.

SecureNet Fax Mailboxes are perfect for in-office use too. Companies just don't have enough fax machines to handle their in-bound fax volume -- and nothing is more frustrating than getting a busy signal when you are trying to send someone a fax. Publishers sending out massive requalification efforts rely on their ability to receive the hundreds of faxes back from their subscribers. With a SecureNet Fax Mailbox, you'll never have to worry about people not being able to fax you back a form due to a busy signal or have someone's form mixed in with the regular office faxes. And why should you waste money on additional fax machines and incur monthly charges for more phone lines, especially if your needs are sporadic throughout the month? Now you can simply have everyone send faxes into SecureNet Fax Mailboxes and you can either retrieve them at your convenience, or have us laser print and ship them back to you or your fulfillment house, whichever is more convenient for you.

Benefits include:
Never ever get a busy signal
Gratification for members, subscribers, and customers trying to fax to you
Ability to receive as many pages as necessary
Freeing up your office fax machine for its intended usage!

Getting Started:
If you have any questions please call Main Strike at (800) 735-5631 and say "I'm with [organization name], we visited your web site, and we are interested in SecureNet Fax Mailboxes." One of our customer service representatives will then answer any questions you might have and get you started! Or, simply send e-mail to with all your questions!