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AutoInfoRequest Fax-On-Demand

AutoInfoRequest Fax-on-demand is a computer-based voice and fax application that allows you to make all kinds of hardcopy information instantly and automatically available to anyone in the world who has access to a touch-tone phone and a fax machine. With fax-on-demand, your customers, clients, sales representatives, field service people, dealers and distributors can retrieve the information they need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When callers dial your fax-on-demand application, they are greeted by a digitally recorded voice which presents a series of choices, or prompts. Guided by the voice prompts, the caller makes selections from the menu by pressing appropriate touch-tone keys on the phone keypad. The selected documents are then faxed immediately to any fax number the caller designates.

Benefits include:
Decrease cost of information fulfillment
Media tracking
Instant gratification for members, prospects, and customers
Improved customer service (24 hours per day!)

Getting Started:
We will need all the information that you would like to make available to your attendees and exhibitors, such as your attendee and exhibitor registration forms, meeting and conference schedule, general show information, workshop information, etc. Information can be supplied in almost any computer file format by e-mail or on cd.

You should also begin thinking about the voice prompts for your program (such as, do you want your callers to be greeted with "Welcome to [Organization Name] Information Retrieval Service") and whether or not you would like a vanity number (a number that spells something) as the toll-free number assigned to your program. Once assigned, you should include this number in all of your promotional literature and advertisements.

If you have any questions please call Main Strike at (800) 735-5631 or (516) 933-2005 and say "I'm with the [organization name], we are interested in AutoInfoRequest Fax-On-Demand. One of our customer service representatives will then answer any questions you might have. Or, simply send e-mail to with all your questions!

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