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Broad-E Broadcast Email

Broad-E Broadcast E-Mail allows us to automatically send the same e-mail message simultaneously (or nearly so) to hundreds, thousands or millions of destinations for you.

This means that now you can send information, such as newsletters, registration deadline reminders, announcements or even invoices, to any number of recipients virtually simultaneously! Broad-E Broadcast E-Mail offers you practically effort-free distribution of information at a cost of just pennies per recipient.

With Main Strike's Broad-E Broadcast Email service, you'll have the flexibility to send your messages the way you want - as plain text or as fully formatted HTML - without incurring any additional costs.

Benefits include:
Decrease information distribution costs!
Deliver information on a time critical basis!
Free support staff to concentrate on business priorities!
Each e-mail is individually generated -- no cc's
Return address on e-mails will be your address -- e-mails look like they came directly from you and you'll get all of your responses!
Personalization available - a simple salutation or something more complex
Ask us about adding file attachments to your emails

Usage Policy:
We will only send Broad-E Broadcast E-Mail for the following situations:
Associations or Groups sending to their membership
Companies sending to their clients
Companies sending to true "Opt-In" e-mail lists
Companies sending to subscribers of e-mail newsletters

Getting Started:
If you have any questions please call Main Strike at (800) 735-5631 and say "I'm with [organization name], we visited your web site, and we are interested in Broad-E Broadcast E-Mail." One of our customer service representatives will then answer any questions you might have and get you started! Or, simply send e-mail to with all your questions!
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