Main Strike - Broadcast Fax, Broadcast E-mail, Voice Broadcast, and more! Main Strike - Broadcast Fax, Broadcast E-mail, Voice Broadcast, and more!
   Sample Applications
PowerCall Voice Broadcasting Sample Applications

Cross Selling and Upselling:
Increase your customer share, not just your market share. Main Strike can help you target your companyís leading customer base and consistently provide that customer niche with information regarding product & service upgrades, accessories, added-value tips, and other offers specific to their needs. This leads to customer loyalty and cuts down on the number of contacts required to profit.

Enhance Marketing Results:
Multiply your results with 1+1=4 synergies. Every direct marketerís goal is to find different mediums that complement and multiply the results of one another. Now you can add an additional layer of communication to your current marketing strategy. Main Strike's PowerCall Voice Broadcasting has a proven track record of increasing the response rates and results of other media. For example, when sending an e-mail, fax, or direct mail piece (visual based), and either pre-calling or post-calling with a personal message (auditory based), you will see response rates increase, thus increasing your ROI.

Increase Web Traffic:
Attracting customers to your web site is expensive, especially with the inflated cost of banner ads and internet marketing. Main Strike offers you a UNIQUE but cost-effective offline media to drive customers online. Leave a friendly message for your customers asking them to visit your site. Offer incentives for them to fill out profiling information while online. PowerCall Voice Broadcasting is also the fastest and lowest cost method of asking for your customersí e-mail address offline.

Voter Persuasion, Fundraising:
Leverage person-to-person influence. Leveraging personal communication is the key to every successful campaign. Now a candidate can leave a message in their own voice, addressing key issues. Most importantly, they can leave that message for millions of people in one day. This person-to-person media is a must for every grassroots and fundraising campaign.

One-to-One Marketing Strategies:
Person-to-person (P2P) is the next level of the one-to-one formula. Enhance virtually every marketing campaign with critical person-to-person marketing. Regardless of the marketing medium your company is currently using, by delivering a targeted and friendly message that focuses on the specific needs of your customers, you reinforce their loyalty to your products and services.

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