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PowerCall Voice Broadcasting

PowerCall Voice Broadcasting is a new, innovative, outbound "voice broadcast" service that offers businesses, governments and non-profits a fast, reliable way to get vital information to their existing members, employees, clients, prospects or constituents.

With Main Strike's PowerCall Voice Broadcasting service, an organization can record a message and have it automatically telephoned to thousands, tens of thousands or even millions in a database within hours. The messages are called in by our clients to a special voice capture hotline or e-mailed to us in a .wav, .mp3 or .vox format. Then, at the time and date specified by the client, the torrent of calls is released to the phone numbers in a database. The database of phone numbers can be provided by the client or purchased from Main Strike or another data vendor.

This service can be used for many purposes. Whether you are introducing a new product, having a sale, following up, just saying THANKS, notifying others about emergency situations, financial news, investor relations, weather closings, legislative actions, or political campaigns, PowerCall Voice Broadcasting is the way to go! PowerCall Voice Broadcasting lets an organization "spread the word" about important information, quickly and conveniently. Main Strike has delivered 10's of millions of voice messages on behalf of the nations leading companies in almost every industry. We have such massive capacity, that other voice broadcast companies often outsource their overflow work to us!

Benefits include:
Ability to play your message to both live answer as well as voice mail
Decrease information distribution costs -- lets you notify thousands of people within minutes - for less than the cost of postage
Deliver information on a time critical basis
New marketing ideas to enhance your mix
Free support staff to concentrate on business priorities
Gives you detailed status reports within minutes after calls are completed
Supplements direct mail, fax broadcast, and e-mail campaigns

Common Names for this Service:
  • Blast Voicemail
  • Broadcast Voice Mail
  • Message Blast
  • Message Blasting
  • Robo Calling
  • Telephone Broadcast
  • Telephone Broadcasting
  • Voice Blast
  • Voice Broadcast
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Voice Calling
  • Voice Mail Blast
  • Voice Mail Blasting
  • Voice Mail Broadcast
  • Voice Mail Broadcasting
  • Voice Mail Messaging
  • Voice Messaging
Getting Started:
If you have any questions please call Main Strike at (800) 735-5631 and say "I'm with [organization name], we visited your web site, and we are interested in PowerCall Voice Broadcast." One of our customer service representatives will then answer any questions you might have and get you started! Or, simply send e-mail to with all your questions!
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