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Why use Main Strike for Broadcast Faxing?

Faxes, like any other communication with customers, prospects, or contacts are a reflection on your organization. Main Strike offers our clients a great deal of added value in our service to help ensure your organization achieves its goals.

No Special Software, Training, or Preparation Needed
Many fax companies make you learn how to use their special software to get them your documents and databases. Not Main Strike... just give us what you've got. For your documents and data, you can e-mail them, or put them on disk and mail them to us. We can accept a wide variety of file formats for both documents and databases to make getting your faxes out even easier. If you don't have your materials in electronic format, you can even just fax over your documents to our special image capture line!

Our Operations Department
Send us your document(s), we'll send you a proof for changes or approval. This helps ensure accuracy for all of your projects.
Before any broadcast fax is sent, two test copies are sent, one to a thermal fax machine and one to a plain paper fax. Testing helps ensure that your organization presents itself in the best possible fashion.

Database Preparation To Meet Your Needs
We can do things like:
Purge international numbers (International, Canadian and/or Caribbean or any combination of the three);
Send to subsets of your data based on criteria you tell us (states, area codes, zip codes, etc.);
De-duplicate the data on name and fax number (or other fields); or,
Limit the number of faxes going to the same fax number to some maximum (like 3 or 5) to avoid tying up the fax machine at organizations with large numbers of recipients at the same fax number.

Our Intelligent Retry Algorithm
Not all faxes get through on the first attempt. Faxes fail for a variety of reasons including: busy signals, fax numbers being disconnected or changed, fax machines run out of paper or toner, etc. Different failures require different courses of action, so we reschedule the retries based on the call results (busy, no ring, operator intervened, fax comm error, etc.). The intelligent retry algorithm we have developed ensures the highest possible completion rate!

Large Prominent Delivery Information
Many fax companies merge contact info in the small CSID line at the top of the page which often gets lost on the fax. Our standard format is to put a large TO:, DATE: and PAGE: on the top of your faxes. This helps ensure the right person gets the fax. We also offer custom merging, ideal for membership or subscription renewals, invoicing, and more! Variable information can even include entire paragraphs and font changes -- great for generating completely different looking letters for lobbying efforts.

Automatic Comprehensive Fail Reports
Find out why a given fax did not reach the recipient after all retries and update your data. Our fail reports include the reason why each fax did not complete which allows you to take the correct action to update your database. Fail reports can be e-mailed or faxed (your choice!) directly to you within one minute of the jobs completion!

Use of Our North American Numbering Plan Update Service
On average 5 - 7% of our clients data has the wrong area code for a given exchange due to the over 60,000 changes in the NPA and NXX's (area codes and exchanges) that have taken place since 1995 (and will continue to take place for years to after your fax finishes transmission just like full-featured faxing.
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