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Broadcast Fax:

Simultaneous transmission of a fax to many different recipients.

Deep Discount International Broadcast Faxing:

Are you a U.S. or Foreign company that sends a lot of international faxes? We can save you tons of money!


Electronic retrieval of documents by allowing callers to select, using a touch-tone telephone, documents for transmission to a fax machine specified by the caller.

Fax Removal Line:

If you send out broadcast faxes -- either with Main Strike or another provider, you may want an automatic Fax Removal Line!

Fax Mail Boxes:

An electronic "mailbox" for facsimiles, similar to a voice mailbox.

800 International Call Forwarding:

Customers, prospects, friends, or relatives dial an 800 number in the U.S. and it rings to your fax in your country!

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