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Voice Services: Inbound / Outbound Telemarketing, Voice Broadcasting, Conference Calls, 800 International Call Forwarding, 800 Voice Mail, International Call Back

Telemarketing Services:

  • Outbound Phone Services
  • Inbound Phone Services
  • E-mail Based Customer Service
  • Web Chat and Collaboration
  • Self Help

Voice Broadcasting:

Simultaneous transmission of a recorded message to thousands or millions of different phones - perfect for political campaigns!

Conference Calls:

Our friendly operators can connect callers from around the world into one audio conference call from our advanced conference center.

800 International Call Forwarding:

Customers, prospects, friends, or relatives dial an 800 number in the U.S. and it rings to you in your country!

800 Voice Mailbox:

Allows subscribers to receive an unlimited number of calls at any hour of the day and retrieve messages from any touch-tone phone.

International Call Back:

Corporations and individuals located outside of the United States can save hundreds, thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars each year on international long distance charges.

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