Now your organizations members can easily voice their opinion by calling your Dial-A-Vote hotline!

Here's how it works:

  1. We set-up 2 exclusive 800 numbers for you to promote to your membership -- one for Vote Yes, the other for Vote No;
  2. The members call the appropriate number and hear a brief prompt thanking them for voting Yes/No;
  3. The votes and the callers phone number (captured via ANI) are logged to a database;
  4. You can call the Dial-A-Vote Results Line, any time 24-hours a day, and hear your up-to-the-minute results tally.

Benefits include:

  • It is easy to use, so your members will use it!
  • Reiterates your groups focus when callers vote!
  • Cost effective!



AutoSurvey Interactive Voice Response Technology enables you to obtain, store and tabulate information input from virtually any telephone in the world. We provide you with all of the collected info in database or spreadsheet form so all you have to do is review the results. AutoSurvey will increase your organizations productivity and save you money. By having AutoSurvey process your surveys, you eliminate manual key punch or data entry, reduce response time, and you are linked to telephones worldwide -- AutoSurvey turns any telephone into a remote data entry terminal.

Survey Types:

Depending on your needs, we can set up your AutoSurvey program in two different basic types:

  1. AutoSurvey - Inbound
    People call in, listen to the prompts and answer closed-end questions with their touch-tone phone.
  2. AutoSurvey - Outbound
    Our computers place outbound calls to people from your database and ask them closed-end questions with their touch-tone phone.

Service Features:

Experienced Voice Prompt Design - We will work with you to design voice prompts and call flow to minimize call time and maximize the amount of information you can capture.

Data Transfer - Your collected data can be provided in a medium to suit your needs:

  • By telephone response -- we can give you a special phone number and PIN number and our computers can speak the up-to-the-minute survey results to you.
  • In hard copy, by mail or by fax
  • On diskette, by modem, or by e-mail in any popular database format for PC or Mac

Benefits include:

  • Saves you money by eliminating data entry or key punch by employees or temps
  • Eases your workload
  • Enables you to survey thousands
  • Improves response time - no more waiting for weeks or months of processing
  • Cost-effective and easy-to-use
  • Eliminates the need to purchase expensive equipment or provide high-priced training
  • Causes you to realize significant productivity gains
  • Does away with the administrative responsibilities of tracking responses
  • Handles up to tens or hundreds of thousands of respondents each day
  • Tabulates results in real time

Getting Started:

If you are interested any of these services, please call Main Strike at 800-735-5631 and say "I'm with [organization name] and I am interested in your Lobbying services." One of our customer service representatives will then answer any questions you might have, and give you the necessary information to start this service. Or, if you prefer, e-mail us with your questions.

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