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Welcome to the Main Strike Fun Stuff Page! The following are games or just really cool things. Some use Java, some use JavaScript. Thus, if your browser does not support these things, you are outta luck! More will be added on a regular basis, so visit again soon!

Mailing Lists and Postcards:

E-Mailed Electronic Postcards
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Cool Arcade Style Games!   Missile Command
--uses Java   --uses Java
Tower of Hanoi   Dots and Boxes!
--uses Java   --uses Java
Spirograph!   Black Jack!
--uses Java  
Marble Game   Maze Mania!
--uses Java    

Cool Stuff:

Meal Planner   Bio Rhythm Chart
--uses JavaScript   --uses Java
Cool Fireworks
  Random Quotations
--uses Java   --uses JavaScript
Country Song Generator   Tickle Me Yoda!
--uses JavaScript & Frames   --uses Java
Shakespearean Insult Generator

Handy Stuff:

Loan Calculator   Simple Calculator
--uses JavaScript   --uses JavaScript

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