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Main Strike's SecureNet 800 Voice Mail service provides a sophisticated, powerful voice communication center to handle your voice messaging needs -- without any capital outlay. Employees, members, customers and others are given an easy way to leave, receive and access telephone messages. No more lost or inaccurate paper messages -- only clear, concise, detailed messages left in the callers own voice. It allows subscribers to receive an unlimited number of calls at any hour of the day and retrieve messages from any touch-tone phone.

SecureNet 800 Voice Mail service gives subscribers the features and benefits of a multi-million dollar call processing center. Our advanced telephone computer system called IRIS (the Information Retrieval Index System) handles all the details. Our basic service can have features added at any time to meet subscribers' changing and growing needs. Main Strike has designed SecureNet 800 Voice Mail to be extremely user-friendly yet retain its technical sophistication.


SecureNet 800 Voice Mail offers a long list of standard and optional features that not only enhance productivity and customer satisfaction but also contribute to your financial success.

Service can be as simple as call answering / retrieval or as advanced as a full featured automated attendant service that can transfer calls to the main office and an unlimited number of remote offices (such as telecommuters). An account can have a single mailbox or thousands listed in an on-line directory with a unified company message greeting callers. The choice is yours.

And, every message is ANI stamped -- IRIS will speak back the phone number of each caller after each message (like advanced Caller ID)!

NOTE: One of the more popular options is message notification by beeper or e-mail.


Basic SecureNet 800 Voice Mail:

  • $50 one-time sign-up fee
  • $10 per mailbox per month
  • 35¢ per minute for inbound calls and message retrievals

For Domestic U.S. calls only. International rates available upon request.

Getting Started:

If you have any questions please call Main Strike at (800) 735-5631 and say "I'm with [organization name] and we are interested in SecureNet 800 Voice Mail." One of our customer service representatives will then answer any questions you might have and get you started! Or, simply send e-mail to with all your questions!

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